Sheer Blouses
Very Sexy yet Classic Black Sheer Blouse


Women’s sheer blouses are perfect for ladies who want to look stylish and glamorous. Some people may think that sheer blouses are too daring to wear. The see through effect of women’s sheer blouses does have an element of sexiness, but it greatly depends on how one would wear these to match their own style and personality.


The fabric used in sheer blouses is made from very thin threads so it can have that transparent look. This fashion style is inspired by the warm weather and the need of women to wear something loose and made from light materials especially during the warm summer months. Stylish women can choose from a wide selection of women’s sheer blouses that will definitely suit their taste. There are blouses that come with laces and bows for a more feminine look. There are also sheer blouses that have a more elegant and traditional look.


There are a number of ladies who are a bit confused as to how they should wear sheer blouses. Some even doubt if this particular clothing style would fit them. Pulling off a stylish look with a sheer blouse just needs some planning. Sheer blouses are so versatile that anyone can wear it in a lot of ways and still look fabulous. Ladies who don’t want to show too much skin can still wear sheer blouses using different undergarments.

Sheer Blouses Popular Colors

There are two popular colors of women’s sheer blouses worn by most ladies today, black and white. Black sheer blouse give that elegant and formal look any time of the day. Rocking in a black sheer blouse is pretty simple. Black sheer blouse can be outfitted with either a dark or light tops. Black sheer blouse is best complimented by a black fitted top or sleeveless shirt underneath to give you more conservative look. A nice looking black bra will be best appreciated if worn under a black sheer blouse. If you find this too daring, then you can look for a black sheer blouse that have some prints and buttons to give you more covering.


A white sheer blouse, on the other hand, can be a little tricky to wear. It can look more transparent and almost anything that you wear underneath can be seen especially during the day, so you have to carefully plan and choose your clothes properly if you want to pull off this style. A white sheer blouse can be worn with a fitted black or white sleeveless top, both are safe choices. You can pair a white sheer blouse with a cardigan or vest to give you more cover especially when you’re only wearing a bra inside. However, if you want to look sexier, then wearing a black bra or bandeau underneath a white sheer blouse will definitely make you look fabulous.

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Posted by ShopLikeaWoman
Dated: 10th March 2014
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