Why wear corsets? Before we give you the reason, let us bore you with the brief history of corsets. A story of Catherine de Medici wife to King Henry II has been the most popular origin of corsets even though women in Crete have been wearing it years earlier. The story is that, Catherine banned people with “thick” in simplier term “fat” waist in court attendance during the 1550s. Thus people found solace in corsets. For nearly 350 years, women’s primary support was the corset with laces and stays made of whalebone or metal.

Why wear corsets

Reasons Why Wear Corsets

1. Costumes.

Corsets make great costumes. It has made regular appearances in Holloweens and Cosplay events. Have you ever attended ComiCon? More than 50% of the female Cosplayers are wearing one.

Corsets have also been the signature costume of Madonna. One of her iconic pieces is the cone corset. It was recently put on display in the French fashion designer Jean-Paul Gaultier’s exhibit. The cone corset was worn by Madonna during her Ambition Tour.

2. Sexy.

There are different styles of corset but we could all agree that any style or cut, the sexiness that it exudes is a definite reason why wear corsets. It defines your bust, shapes your waistline and accentuates your hips, everything a woman needs in an outfit.

3. Posture.

The way the corsets are built can provide good support for your body especially around the lumbar area. This is the area where stress and weight are centered. Women with bigger bust are highly advised to regularly wear corsets.

4. Diet.

Why wear corsets? Well, did you know that there’s a diet named the Corset Diet? Basically, the dieters only have to wear corsets. The tight and hugging feeling of the corset would leave the dieter the impression that she is full and the stomach consequently reduces in size as the corset
is tight enough to squeeze the stomach. In effect, the dieter would lose weight. You will have to reasearch more about this if you want to go through this diet.

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